Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Ocean Lateral Mark Buoy

What is the advantage of JRB-LMB01?
  • High visibility red, green as per IALA recommendations
  • Robust construction of hull section
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent buoyancy & stability Easy deployment
  • Cost effective & environmentally friendly
  • Convenient forklift access points to safely manoeuvre the buoy assembly
JRB-LMB01 Application
  • Main Channel
  • Recommended Channel

Lateral marks show the port (left) and starboard (right) sides of navigable waters or channels. A port mark is red with a can-like shape. At night, a port buoy shows a red flashing light (when lit). A starboard mark is green with a cone-like shape. At night, a starboard buoy shows a green light (when lit). When a port and starboard lateral mark are opposite each other, travel between them. Sometimes they are not in pairs though. When there is a single lateral mark, the safe side to pass depends on the direction of travel (or buoyage). JRB-LMB01 is the rotationally-molded buoys, with a float diameter of 3 meters and a lantern focal height of 5 meters. Hull section is moulded from UV-stabilised, virgin polyethylene, and has an 18mm wall thickness. In addition, Main section is filled with closed-cell polyurethane, which prevents the ingress of moisture in the unlikely event of damage.

A galvanised steel or stainless steel mooring pole runs through the centre of the assembly, to which the tower section is fastened. Large lifting eyes aid in buoy mooring and periodic servicing.

The huge visual area for navaid recognition is available through our design. The top section incorporates an internal radar reflector and solar mount facility.

Rotationally-moulded panelling is fitted to the outside of the tower section to create a large coloured visual area for marking. The replaceable panelling also simplifies cardinal marking and gives operators flexibility in stocking spare components.

An integrated ladder with harness attachment points runs vertically up the tower to the top of the platform.


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