Shatterproof Dewar Flasks


Product Description

Nalgene Shatterproof Dewar Flasks are used for short-term storage of ice water, dry ice-solvent and liquid nitrogen. Made of a high density polyethylene, the Chemical-resistant HDPE double walls are filled with CFC-free urethane foam and are meant for extreme temperature incubation, withstanding temperatures from -196°C to 100°C.

The flasks include a vented, insulated cover made of high-density polyethylene. All sizes feature molded-in ribs, cover securing tabs, pour spout, and bottom grip area for increased safety. A convenient, bail-type handle is also polyethylene-coated.

It is important to not use cryogenic vials for storage in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen unless properly sealed in Nunc CryoFlex™ tubing. Storing liquid nitrogen in the cryogenic vials may cause entrapment of liquefied nitrogen inside the vial and cause pressure build-up resulting in possible explosion or biohazard release.

Safety procedures and guidelines are available in the Nalgene Cryopreservation Manual, which includes vital handling and disposal procedures.

Key Features
• HDPE flask body and cover lid, including a polyethylene handle
• Flasks are shatterproof and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -196C to +100C
• Applications for use include short-term storage of ice water, dry ice solvent and liquid nitrogen
• Chemically resistant with a capacity of up to 10L for some models

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