Yokohama Type Pneumatic Fender Sling Type Marine Rubber Fenders

What is the application of pneumatic fender compared to traditional fenders


1. Oil& gas tankers

2. Ship to ship operations 

3. Ship to dock operations

4. Liquid cargo and naval defense ships 

5. Double banking and ship berthing at jetty

6. Quick response and emergency fendering

7. Realign ships with costal facilties

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What is pneumatic fender ?


Pneumatic fender is an ideal STS protection bumper that is strong enough to withstand the damage of hard usage, and it’s widely applied to places, like STS dock and 

STD wharf. Pneumatic fender consists of outer rubber layer, synthetic-tire-cord layer and inner rubber layer.


1. The outer rubber layer is made of special compounds that is strong with high tensile strength and tear strength to better protect the fender from the damage of 

severe weather conditions and hard usage.

2. The synthetic-tire-cord layer is a composite tire cord with cross shadow lines, which is designed to distribute stress evenly.

3. While the inner rubber layer is specially designed to seal the internal air and prevent any leakage.


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