Product Model: MD-3010Characteristics:
  • Fully automated metal detectors: detectors can explore all kinds of
    metals. Unless you set up you do not want to exclude the types of
    metals detecting.
  • Target Identity: The LCD can display the types of the metals detected . You can quickly identify the vaue of the metals
  • Unwanted target Eli mination: You can set the detector, so that for some metals do not show alarm.
  • Target Depth  Identity: the depth of the targets can be showed
  • Unique Tune for target: Unique sounds for different types of metals. So even in the dim light and dark environments can detect.
  • Headphone jack: You can wear headphones to use.
  • Volume Control: based on the use of outside sound or use headphones to adjust the volume.
  • Batteries condition Indicator : can display the battery power consumption.
  • Waterproof search coil: to make detectors in the shallow water region.
  • Adjustable Stem: According to your detection needs to adjust the length of the operation rod.
  • Electricity: two 9V batteries, built-in DC-DC converters extend battery life.

MD3010 metal detector-type liquid crystal display, look for new
weapons and coins. LCD screen shows the specific types of underground
metal and burial depth

  • Three operation modes: all metal type, disc type, tag type;
  • LCD display of metal type and depth;
  • Detection depth: 1 m;
  • Distinguish between different voices of three different metals;
  • Less power consumption;
  • Frequency: 6.6KHz;
  • Variable S rods and hand bracket;
  • Waterproof probe 8.8 inches;
  •  Two 9V alkaline battery;

012-9229607 mr adib



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