Tumor Invasion Systems


Product Description

BD BioCoat Tumor Invasion Systems provide cells with conditions that allow assessment of their invasive property in vitro. It consists of a BD Falcon™ FluoroBlok™ 24-Multiwell Insert Plate with an 8.0 micron pore size PET membrane that has been uniformly coated with BD Matrigel™ Matrix. This uniform layer of BD Matrigel Matrix serves as a reconstituted basement membrane in vitro providing a true barrier to non-invasive cells while presenting an appropriate protein structure to study invasion. The coating process occludes the pores of the membrane, blocking non-invasive cells from migrating through the membrane. In contrast, invasive cells (malignant and non-malignant cells) are able to detach themselves from and migrate through the coated membrane.

Quantitation of cell invasion is achieved by either pre- or post-cell invasion labeling with a fluorescent dye such as DiIC12(3) or calcein AM, respectively, and measuring the fluorescence of invading cells.

Includes a 24- or 96-Multiwell insert plate containing an 8.0µm pore size FluoroBlok polyethylene terephthalate membrane coated with BD Matrigel Matrix; the matrix provides a true barrier to noninvasive cells while presenting an appropriate protein structure for invading cells to penetrate and pass through the FluoroBlok membrane.

Key Features
• Provides an environment that allows for the assessment of the invasive potential of cells in vitro
• Ideal for studies of the metastatic potential of tumor cells and the inhibition of invasion by antineoplastic drugs
• Saves time and labor when screening for prospective antimetastatic compounds
• Eliminates tedious manual cell scraping and counting
• Each lot is tested for the ability to allow invasion of HT-1080 cells (an invasive human fibrosarcoma cell line) and to exclude invasion of 3T3 cells (a noninvasive fibroblast cell line)
•Automation compatible

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