Frequency range: 400-470MHz / 136-174MHZ full frequency
Emission limits: 400-470MHz / 136-174MHZ
Receiving range 400-470MHz, 87.5-108MHz
Has 128 memory channel. Credible way group 8 * 16, divided into eight groups, and 16 channel.
Built-in CTCSS mute 50 group and 107 audio digital dumb notes of DCS group
High, medium and low three power output, the factory for 4W preset, 2W 1W,. Power can hand.
108MHz FM radio, 87.5-25 radio memory channel.
Built-in voice encryption, voice pressure expansion.
VOX sonic emission
Can set password protection, prevent others from using
Memory channel
25KHz / 12.5 KHz size
Exterior 29mm * * 53 size 89
4W / 2W output power: 1W/is adjustable
Frequency modulation (F3E)
Maximum frequency than ± 5KHz
∠ radiation 60dB residual dial
Each octave aggravating characteristic gets 6dB process
HI1500mA emission current LO800mA
Receiving part
Sensitivity ∠ 0.20 muon V (12dB SINAD)
Static sensitivity ∠ 0.20 muon V
50dB intermodulation anti-jamming
Audio power 400mW acuity
Receive 140mA than current
Static 20mA guard


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