Standard Size Hydro Pneumatic Fender Vertical Rubber Fender

Hydro Pneumatic Fender Advantages

  1. Submerged contact area

The hydro pneumatic fender is vertically floating in the sea, so there is submerged area for special docking.

so far, hydro pneumatic fender is the best docking facility for submarine berthing.

  1. Low hull pressure

Hydro pneumatic fender is a special type of pneumatic fender, so it has the same low hull pressure like pneumatic fenders.

  1. Adjustable draft

The hydro pneumatic fender is partially filled with water with counter weight at bottom, it can adjust the draft by changing water-air ratio.

  1. Easy to Install and Movable

The hydro pneumatic fender has a water valve at bottom. So after the berthing is finished, you can drain away filled water and pull back.

What is Hydro Pneumatic Fender ?

Hydro pneumatic fender is installed vertically with water and air pressurized inside. It’s widely used in the applications of submarines and other ships contact fenders below waterline.

Jerryborg hydro pneumatic fenders are popular cause their excellent performance of low reaction force and high energy absorption capacity. Furthermore, their performance is affected by the ship hull shape,gas mixture, initial pressure,and water to air ratio. And you can adjust the performance by changing the water to air ratio and initial pressure.


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