PTFE Tank Lid Packing IMPA 810722




It is an excellent choice for sealing against virtually all chemicals. It is exceptionally resilient and can be made into endless rings in the field. It can be used in all kind of Tank Lids, hatches covers for ships, barges, road and rail transport vehicles, storage tanks etc.

Tank Lid Packing Technical Specifications


Square Section Rectangular Section
IMPA CODE Size (mm) IMPA CODE Size (mm)
810721 20×20 810726 20×15
810722 25×25 810727 30×20
810723 35×35 810728 35×25
810724 38×38 810729 40×30
810725 40×40


The description/sizes may be different with goods, please check with us when order.

PTFE Tank Lid Packing IMPA 810722


PTFE Tank Lid Packing is a multi-layer and multi-fiber braided packing, the outer jacket is braided from tough pure PTFE fibers with lubricant. Under this is a jacket of multiple wraps of heavy duty gauge PTFE tape. The body of the packing consists of dry loosely braided polypropylene fibers. The inner core is NBR rubber, around which is wrapped additional PTFE tape.


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