Polyurethane Coated Foam Filled Floating Donut Fenders on Poles for Ship Guarding

Advantages & Benefits of Donut Fender
1. Higher energy absorption with lower reaction force
2. Will not sink even if skin is punctured, thanks to closed cell foam core
3. Closed-cell foam will not absorb water
4. Tough, non-marking reinforced polyurea (SPUA) skin
5. Hot-dipped galvanized swivel end fittings
6. Internal chain for high ‘pull-through’ strength
7. Flexibility in mounting configurations (floating vs. hanging)
8. Custom colours available
What is Donut Fender ?
The Donut Fender is a specific type of Foam Filled Fender. It is designed to simply roll over a fixed column. Due to its structure, the fender floats up and down with the fluctuating water levels and spins when vessels berth and slide along the donut fender. The Donut Fender is designed with a 100% closed cell EVA foam core, a reinforced tyre cord fabric lining and elastomer skin, with low friction pads at the internal steel core.
Donut Fenders are available in diameters from 1,000 mm to 6,220 mm and a maximum pile diameter of 610 mm to 4,388 mm. Additionally, mooring crowns, counterweights (for sub-marine applications) or other features like protective nettings can be added.
The foam density, coating skin thickness, pile/fender diameter and also the height of the donut fender can be changed as per to customer request. Jerryborg would be pleased to receive the engineering design allowing us to produce the correct type, size and overall layout of the Donut Fender for you.


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