NORBIT integrated multi-beam

NORBIT iWBMS is a highly integrated, high-resolution, high-end multi-beam sounding system based on a multi-beam sonar array, high-precision satellite/inertial navigation system and surface soundometer. The device is based on a curved array sonar platform. With the latest analog and digital signal processing, the surface array sonar technology has proven to be effective.

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Technical Parameters Sweep 7°-210° can be set
Vertical resolution <10mm
Beam opening angle 0.9°*1.9°/0.5°*0.9°
Number of beams 256-512EA&ED
Ping rate Up to 50Hz, related to the range used
working frequency Center frequency 400kHz ± 40kHz (80kHz bandwidth)
Range 0.2m-275m
positioning accuracy RTK 0.02m
Heading accuracy 0.03° (2m antenna base)
Vertical and horizontal rocking accuracy 0.02°
Surge accuracy 5cm or 5% (RTK 2cm)
weight 9.5Kg in air; 6Kg in water
interface 100M network port; RS-232
cable length 8m
powered by 12-28VDC; 110-240VAC; power consumption ≤55W
Operating temperature -4℃ – +40℃
storage temperature -20℃ – +60℃
Waterproof and dustproof IP67


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