Marine Pneumatic Fender Pneumatic Marine Rubber Fender ISO 17357 Standard

Marine Pneumatic Fender


1. Light weight, high compression deformation, low reaction strength and high energy absorption 
2. Good floating performance, can meet the needs of water level changes
3. Using compressed air as the medium
4. Easy installation and long service life
1. Tankers, gas carriers and bulk carriers
2. Fast ferry and aluminum hull vessels
3. Quick response and emergency fender
4. As an anti-collision fender, used to realign ships with coastal facilities
Marine Pneumatic Fender
Marine pneumatic fender was developed in Japan in 1958. The marine
pneumatic fenders should be manufactured according to ISO 17357. The
standard defines the corresponding international standards for the
materials and testing of these fenders. In most cases, the fender should be
surrounded by tires and chains to provide additional protection. The fender
can also be reinforced with rubber ribs(Rib Fender) without tires and chain
mesh (sling fender).
Marine pneumatic fenders in accordance with ISO 17357 are available in a
variety of sizes, with a maximum diameter of 4500 mm, and a length of
12000 mm.


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