K20H Water/Foam Sprinkler

The Angus K20H Foam/Water Sprinkler is an open, air aspirating discharge head designed for use as part of an engineered fire protection system. It has been specially designed for providing foam/water protection for spray rings on bulk storage tanks. The K20H sprinkler is mounted in a horizontal position typically around 250mm away from the tank wall and 700 – 900mm below the top of the tank shell.

Installing the K20H offers maximum versatility from new or existing spray rings. When provided solely with water, the K20H provides interlocking discharge patterns to deliver uniform coverage over the tank surface making it ideally suited for cooling adjacent tanks to the one involved in an incident.

By introducing a suitable foam concentrate into the water supply of the K20H spray rings on the tank(s) involved in the incident, a measure of fire protection for the bunded area around the base of these tanks can be quickly provided at the same time as tank shell cooling. A useful complement could be the Angus Medium Expansion MEX Bund Pourers located around the edge of the bunded/diked area.

Application rates can be adjusted to suit each particular situation by changing the head spacings. This K20H foam/water sprinkler is compact, robust, and constructed entirely from 316 stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance, making it particularly well suited to coastal locations.

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