JDZ2-1 Marine Voltage Transformer

JDZ2-1 Marine Voltage Transformer



1.Application: mainly used for electric power, electrical line voltage measurement.
2.Working temperature: -40℃~+40℃
3.Rated voltage: 0.5~1.2KV
4.Rated frequency: 50/60 HZ
5.Rated primary voltage:100~1140kv
6. Rated secondary voltage: 100~230kv
7.Rated secondary load:2.5~15VA
8.The limit load: 50VA
9.Accurate level: 0.2~3
10:Standard: GB20840, IEC61869

JDZ2-1 Marine Voltage Transformer Drawing

Voltage transformer definition:

Transformer, instrument transformer), also known as instrument transformer, current transformer and voltage transformer is a general designation to high voltage to low voltage, large current to small current, its function is used to measure or to protect system is mainly to high voltage or high current in proportion to transform into standard low voltage (100 v) or small current (5 a or 1 a, shall mean rating), in order to achieve the standardization of measuring instrument to protect equipment and automatic control equipment, miniaturization transformer can also be used to separate the high voltage system at the same time, in order to ensure personal and equiment safety.


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