JCY23-2EF Fluorescent pendant light

JCY23-2EF Fluorescent pendant light:

Type Power Voltage Power Lamp


Cable outside diameter Protection Class Weight
JCY23-2 2x20W 110V/60HZ 0.85 12-16 G13 IP55 5.2kg
JCY23-2E 220V/50HZ 5.3kg
JCY23-2EF 220V/60HZ 6.3kg
JCY33-2 2x30W 110V/60HZ 0.85 12-16 G13 IP55 8.3kg
JCY33-2E 220V/50HZ 8.5kg
JCY33-2EF 220V/60HZ 9.2kg
JCY43-2 2x40W 110V/60HZ 0.85 12-16 G13 IP55 9.3kg
JCY43-2E 220V/50HZ 9.6kg
JCY43-2EF 220V/60HZ 10.4kg


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