Inflation Pneumatic Rubber Material Air Bag For Ship

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Marine Rubber Airbag Introduction

6000 years ago, our ancestor begin to use log-rolling method to lift and move weights, which is still widely used in daily production and actual life nowadays. Marine rubber airbag is designed with soft rubber to lift and carry weights, based on log-rolling method.

Marine rubber airbag is an innovative product of Chinese own proprietary intellectual property rights. It has wide application like ship launching & upgrading, caisson lifting & moving, heavy weights lifting, underwater-engineering buoyancy aid. The marine rubber airbag is not limited to space and heavy machinery, which could efficiently shorten the construction period and save lots of funds.

Marine Rubber Airbag Application

1 Ship Launching & Upgrading

With more than 20 years development in China, marine rubber airbag is proved to be the most reliable and stable technique for ship launching & upgrading. It is applicable from tons of flat board to ten thousand tons of huge ship. Meanwhile, marine rubber airbag is also widely acknowledged by foreign dockyards, shipyards, port/harbour construction companies. Ship launching & upgrading technique with marine rubber airbag is also highly promoted in the markets, such as America, Europe, Southeast Asia.

2 Weight lifting & moving

Marine air fender could be applied to caisson lifting, launching, moving and transporting in port constructing projects

Advantage of Marine Airbag

  • 1.High Bearing Capacity
  • 2.High Kneading-resistance Capability
  • 3.New Anti-explosion Design of End Part
  • 4.Optimizing Structure Configuration
  • 5.Good Abrasion-resistance Performance and High Ageing Resistance

Technical Requirement

  1. According to CB/T 3795–1996, marine rubber fender should meet the following requirements.
  2. Dimensional Deviation:
  3. Diameter & Effective Length Deviation: ±2%
  4. Total Length Deviation: ±4%
  5. Amount of Elastic Deformation: diameter deformation amount ≤ 5% under 1.2 times working pressure.
  6. Safety Factor: >4.5
  7. Air Tightness: depressurization < 5% after 1hour inflation
  8. Surface Quality: fairing line shape, no crack, no bubble, no double skin, no impurities, no distinct dirt and other apparent defect.


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