Excel High Expansion Foam Generator

The High Expansion Foam Generator is powered by a water turbine and capable of producing very large volumes of High Expansion Foam with the minimum of operational difficulty. It has its own built in foam induction system and thus only requires a pressurised water supply and synthetic foam concentrate supply to operate.

An additional feature is a water by-pass system which permits control of the expansion rate allowing performance to be maintained at high back pressures. The High Expansion Foam Generator is capable of ducting foam to heights in excess of 15mtr.

Manufactured with an International Orange glass reinforced fibre case, corrosion resistant pipework and fittings with an LG2 gunmetal maintenance free turbine and all nylon foam net. Each unit is supplied with 30mtr of expandable polythene for ducting foam.

Designed for all High Expansion total flood applications such as found in warehouses, ships holds, cable ducting, machinery spaces etc. Water damage is minimised through expanding foam between 500 and 100 times with air.


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