D130 handheld depth sounder

  • The D130 Handheld Depth Sounder is a portable sounder that measures water bodies such as reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and shallow seas. When the sounding is measured, the ultrasonic transducer is placed on the water surface or at a certain position, and the ultrasonic sound velocity in the water is transmitted to the fixed sound velocity VC and ultrasonic waves. At the time T received, the instrument automatically converts the water depth H. The instrument can measure the depth in still water, or measure the depth in water with a certain speed; the water flow speed can reach 5m/sec. It is an ideal depth measurement for hydrological tests, hydropower plants, reservoir areas, lakes, river surveys and environmental waters monitoring. instrument.

    * A portable depth sounder with good quality and low price.
    * Small and medium-sized ships are installed outboard (inside) with a cable length of 5 meters.
    * Mainly used for underwater positioning and measuring water depth on sea, river and lake.
    * Excellent high speed operation, speed of 55 knots (63MPH).

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