Control Cell Culture Inserts


Product Description

The BD BioCoat Control Cell Culture Inserts are designed to be used alongside BD BioCoat ECM cellware. They closely mimic in vivo environments and enhance expression of cell-specific morphology.

The low pore-density, track-etched polyethylene teraphthalate (PET) membranes offer convenient viewing of living cells with a phase-contrast microscope and have low-binding properties that minimize small molecule loss. The microporous membranes permit diffusion of ions, low-molecular-weight proteins and other substances to both apical and basolateral cell surfaces, simulating the natural environment of cells in vivo.

Supplied in ready-to-use BD Falcon® companion tissue culture plates. Stable for at least 18 months after shipment when stored at room temperature. Do not freeze.

Key Features
• Pre-applied extracellular matrices facilitate cell adaption to in vitro cultivation

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