CCD5-2QL LED Pendant Light

CCD5-2QL LED Pendant Light:


Applied to illumination of water dripping, water spattering, water coagulating place in military ship and ship, such as dry cabin, deck, outer and weather deck etc.

Product Feature

1. Shell uses good quality steel plate.

2. Lampshade uses injection of AS with metal guard.

3. LED Light Source, light soft, no glare, supper high uniformity and visual comfort, color>=80%, light rate>70%, life time 30000h,energy saving 50%, new green environmental product, easy installation, general G12 lamp holder.

4. Environment temperature I s -20-40degree within the scope of work.

5. Protection class is IP56.

6. Outdoor light should e use stainless steel body.


1. Chapter 3, Part 4 of Classification Society Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 2015 and its Amendments;

2.GB7000.1-2015,Luminaires –Part1:General requirements and tests.



Type LED Type Voltage Power LED Power Lamp Holder Material Color Weight
CCD1-2 CCD1-2QL 24-240V 60W <=10W E27 Steel Clear,Green,Red 1.6kg
CCD2-1 CCD2-1QL 24-240V 40W <=10W E27 Aluminum Clear 2.5kg
CCD4-1 CCD4-1QL 24-240V 60W <=10W E27 Aluminum Clear 2.3kg
CCD5-2 CCD5-2QL 24-240V 25W <=5W B15d Brass, Plastic Clear 0.5kg
CCD9-5 CCD9-5QL 24-240V 60W <=10W E27 Brass Clear,Green,Red,Yellow, Blue 2.5kg
CCD9-5A CCD9-5AQL 24-240V 25W <=5W B15d Brass 2.4kg
CCD9-6 CCD9-6QL 24-240V 60W <=10W E27 Brass 4.2kg
CCD9-6A CCD9-6AQL 24-240V 25W <=5W B15d Brass 4.1kg
CCD9-8 CCD9-8QL 24-240V 60W <=10W E27 Brass 1.2kg
CCD15-2 CCD15-2QL 24-240V 60W <=10W E27 Brass 2.3kg
CCD15-2A CCD15-2AQL 24-240V 25W <=5W B15d Brass 2.2kg
WB-1 WB-1QL 24-240V 15W <=5W B15d Synthetic Clear 0.71kg
WB-2B WB-2BQL 24-240V 60W <=10W E27 Synthetic Clear 0.85kg
DS7-1M DS7-1MQL 24-240V 15W <=5W B15d Synthetic Clear 0.74kg
DS7-2M DS7-2MQL 24-240V 60W <=10W E27 Synthetic Clear 0.95kg


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