BKZ-10 Series Marine Rectifier Power Supply Device

BKZ-10 Series Marine Rectifier Power Supply Device:

BKZ rectifier power supply device (hereinafter referred to as rectifying device) is a working in the device which ordinarily used in changing AC power supply into DC 24 Voltages circuit of AC. 50~60Hz and the voltage up to 500V). It is of simple structure, user-friendly and reliable performance, which can be used as small size power supply with DC. 24V for various electric equipment.

2、Service conditions

l A height above sea-level not exceeding 1000m;
l A temperature of ambient air not below -25℃ and not above +45℃;
l Relative air humidity: ordinary type ≤85℃, damp and hot type ≤95℃;
l In medium without risk of explosion and with too insufficient air and electric insulation dust to corrode metal and damage insulation;
l In environment without water vapor and equipped with rainproof device.


Rectifying device is mainly consisting of control transformer, rectifier element and JDO-1006 terminal, which can be installed in control panel or cabinet directly. Alternating current input end is equipped with ±5% V tapping, which can be chosen used , 4 silicon rectifying components are constituting single phase bridge-type full wave rectifying circuit, the voltage of output is DC. 24V.

Technical data:

Tapy Rate output current(A) Dimension(mm) Install size(mm) Mounting holeΦ
BKZ-5 5 212×150×165 152×130 7×10
BKZ-10 10 252×210×190 200×185 7×12
BKZ-20 20 300×220×190 220×200 7×12
BKZ-30 30 440×250×240 300×236 7×15
BKZ-40 40 440×250×240 300×236 7×15
BKZ-50 50 400×410×240 300×375 7×25
BKZ-70 70 400×410×330 300×375 7×25
BKZ-80 80 400×410×330 300×375 7×25
BKZ-100 100 400×410×330 300×375 7×25


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