Surgical Electric Operating Table with Slide Table and Back Elevation


 Detailed Product Description

Surgical Electric Operating Table with Slide Table and Back Elevation

These tables are used for operations on different parts of human body.
The products have all the functions for the comprehensive operations,
and in addition, they still possess these particular strong points: the
leg planks can be extended outward and also disassembled with easy
adjustment, which are quite suitable for urinary operations; they can
moved at level surface to a bit extent, while the table plank are made
of high strength transparent material, easy for X-ray diagnosis; the
back plank can be folded upward, overcoming the defect of the
extensively level movement of  all the level surface movement. The
Trendelenburg and forward, tilting rightward and leftward, and ascending
and descending are all carried out by electric handspike with easy and
safety manipulating buttons. These tables can be used for osteological
operations by combining with osteological operation tables, especially
suitable for C-shaped arms.


L×W: 2100×500mm Height: 750~~1000mm

Reversed Trendelenburg: 22°

Trendelenburg: 22°

Lateral Tilt: 15°

X-ray clairvoyant: Yes

Length-waysSlide Stroke: 400mm

Head Section: -90°~~ 45°

Back Section: 0°~~ 45°

Leg Section: -90°~~0°

Leg Section Extend Open: 90°

Kidney Elevation: 80mm Load Limit: 150kg

Power Supply (A.C):  220V±10% 50Hz

Package Size: L1390×W770×H1070mm Handle controller: DC24V

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