Angus Expandol Foam Concentarte

Its unique formulation is a blend of high activity synthetic foaming agents and foam stabilisers specially formulated to produce an extremely stable long-lasting foam. Expandol has been formulated primarily for use at medium and high expansion, and it is effective on a wide varielt of Class A and Class B fire risks. The finished foam has drainage characteristics far superior to those of standard detergents which increase its ability to carry water to the fire, acting as a positive aid to effective fire extinguishment.

Expandol used at medium and high expansion combats fires in 3 ways:

  • Initial contact with fire generates a large volume of steam reducing the available oxygen to create an inert atmosphere
  • The high water content of medium expansion foam produces a valuable colling effect
  • The large volume of foam generated engulfs the area and totally seals off and extinguishes any remaining fires.
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